The World is an Ashtray??

I have a new pet peeve! I was standing waiting for the bus today and looking around on the ground I see no litter except for about 25 cigarette butts? How come so many smokers think it’s okay to throw their butts on the ground? They aren’t biodegradable at all. Just another fact that this is a dirty dirty habit. And it’s not just bus riders, but you see people flick cigarettes out the windows on the highways too. Or dumping ashtrays at stoplights. YUK! Turns out this doesn’t bother just me, but I discovered by google that cigarette butts are estimated to be around 40% of litter!

Check out:
CVW Cigarette Litter Home
Keep America Beautiful – Cigarette Litter

So, yeah, this has annoyed me for awhile, but I have just decided this is my #1 Pet Peeve. And I may have to invest in this bumper sticker.

But to cheer myself up, I went to Target and bought the Maroon 5 cd.

I think any album named “Songs about Jane” has to be top notch!

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