April Fools!

So it’s my day off. It’s currently 8:30. I am a morning person, so don’t panic, but here is what I have done today so far:

  • I woke up at 6 out of habit (well that habit is usually earlier than 6, so technically I slept in)
  • I finished pulling old carpet staples out of the last stairs.
  • I cleaned up the crap that was under the carpet (sand, crayons, broken tile pieces, more sand).
  • Then I cleaned/polished the wood paneling (You would not believe the difference, it is shiny now!)
  • I took a shower.
  • Then I checked my email and sent out my “recipe of the month”

The carpet installers won’t be here until 2 at the earliest, and my parents not until then either. So I should have the whole morning, right? Nope APRIL FOOLS!

Our living room has one available seat right now, and I should really go to Home Depot. I’m not actually that upset, because it’s why I took the day off. I just wish I hadn’t showered before the carpet installers called to give me my “window”, then I could go for a run. Oh well. I guess I will make breakfast and clean.

Enjoy your day!

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