Walmart and my weekend.

Walmart is hard. I don’t like what they stand for. I don’t like how they take advantage of their employees, and how they drive small businesses out of business, plus many of the stores are super yucky, and there is no denying that the clientele is so different from Target. BUT when they have the lowest prices it’s hard to say no to that.

We just got a brand new Walmart in St. Anthony. It’s much closer than either Target, and it’s new, so it’s still clean and nice. I bought a slipcover for our sofa there, not even the cheapest one, but it was $60 and cute! So I couldn’t resist! And I need cheap, because we are not moving that couch! Hopefully when we move, we can leave the sofa here…

We got our new carpet installed. It is amazing! The room downstairs looks so nice! and finished! and clean! My mom also helped me get my insulated shades project finished! We finished sewing the last one, and got them hung on the windows. They look nice too! Too bad we won’t be here for the winter to see how the insulating works 🙂 I will try and post pictures once Chad cleans that room! My dad helped me figure out a plan for our garbage can area, which was looking completely trashy. So all in all, we mainly just need to de-clutter some more, and we should be ready!

We see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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