Tuesday TV

I hate that my two least favorite singers in American Idol, both sang Hall and Oates songs! Probably the only time we will ever have the chance to hear 2 H&O songs in one night on AI, and they are performed by my 2 least favorite! How cruel! Although I think Nadia did the worst tonight, but I may be biased, because rumor has it that she has hooked up with Scott. yuk. I think she will be in the bottom 3 along with possibly Anthony, Anwar, possibly Bo. But hopefully Scott is in there too!

On to my new favorite comedy…

This show rocks! In tonight’s episode, Dwight (self-proclaimed “Assistant Manager”, but really an “assistant to the manager”) attempted to create an alliance with Jim, in order to vote the others out so he wouldn’t be downsized… Too funny! I highly suggest watching this show! It’s basically a 30 minute “mock-umentary” of office politics. The boss (played by Steve Carell, who also plays Brick in Anchorman) is so not PC. And Chad only laughs harder at Napolean Dynamite!

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