Sunday evening

Today was a beautiful day! It still is 71 degrees out! So nice! I went for a run this morning 3.3 miles! woo hoo!

Then Chad and I did a lot of cleaning and small projects around the house. I’m now exhausted, but it was a very productive day!

Yesterday was a good day yesterday too, even though it rained. Chad and I booked flights to Seattle for Labor Day weekend. We both got to use our miles, so we’re going for free! We’re going to meet Dan and Heather out there. Take in a Mariners game and see the Vikings play the Seahawks in pre-season… It’ll be a blast!

We also spent last night with Sarah and Curt. We grilled out and then watched a re-cap DVD of American Idol from the first 3 seasons. We’re kind of geeks, but we’re all geeks together!

All in all, Nice weekend! But I know I will be tired tomorrow!

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