I told Sarah I would boycott AI if either Scott or Anthony made it into the Top 5 and one of them did last night! AND I can complain, because I even voted for Anwar on Tuesday, because I knew he needed votes… I should have voted more 😦 But now I have to decide if I keep watching… I could deal with it if they both go next… leaving Bo, Constantine, Vonzell, and Carrie in the Top 4.

Chad and I told our realtor last night that we want to get the house on the market end of next week! April 29th! It may be aggressive, as we have a ton of work to do, we just needed a deadline! We’re going to send an email out this weekend, to see first if we know anyone who knows someone who wants to buy our house. So if you know someone let me know! It’s a great house! 🙂

After yesterday, I gave myself a guarantee that I would have something to be happy about this morning..

I finally ordered myself a Jessie Steele apron. They are adorable. I had trouble choosing which one. I wish they had a picture of the chocolate brown and pink one. I’m sure it’s cute. I just couldn’t risk it without actually seeing it, so I got the black and white pictured above.

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