"Bald as a Ping Pong Ball"

A quote from a skit from Free To Be You and Me

But that’s what I’ll be if this week continues like this! Bald! I’m so frustrated at work. I am barely managing to get in and stay my 8 hours… I’m counting down the hours all day long and playing Spider Solitaire everytime I think no one is watching!

On the home front… we have 3 people interested before we get it on the MLS and hopefully that’ll happen on Friday… if Lloyd gets over to do our tuckpointing! Wish us the best seller’s luck!

On to even better news… on Monday I was down 9.6 lbs over the last 4 weeks! Yea, Weight Watchers!

2 thoughts on “"Bald as a Ping Pong Ball"

  1. Wow!! 10 pounds is great!! You also look FAB!! It sounds like you are also running, if you’d like to run after work or on the weekend sometime, I’d love to run with you!
    Hope your work day gets better. Remember, it’s only a pay check, and not worth your frustration. Take it from the girl who got fired!

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