Finally, Scott Savol is gone! He was just too cocky this week! Even when they were splitting the contestants into groups, he got sent to the couch with Anthony! And he celebrated. And then when Ryan told Anthony he had bad news, Scott celebrated. But the bad news was something un-related, just a cliff hanger and Scott finally went home! I was so worried for Vonzell! Thanks, Sarah for voting for her!

Yesterday I realized I am a bit of an emotional eater! I just am so frustrated with work, and I’ve been fighting a cold all week, so I was just not in a good mood yesterday, so I didn’t pack my lunch, and Subway did NOT sound good… know what did??? Pizza!! I got a slice of margarita pizza at Rossi’s with a side of fruit salad. It was so good and greasy! I even picked off the olives to get rid of some fat, but still it sucked last night, when I was trying to figure out what I could eat for 4 points! I ended up with an eggbeaters sandwich on 1 point bread and lowfat cheese. Not so bad, just not pizza!

Did any of you watch Oprah on Tuesday, Insiders’ Guide to Make You Younger and Healthier? I watched it last night, that’s the beauty of TiVo. Chad came down right after I started it. He didn’t believe me when I told him Oprah was talking about poop! But they were! It was very interesting! Her guest was Dr. Oz. He was on several months ago talking about smoking and heart disease and he always brings organs, healthy and diseased to show. Yesterday he brought kidneys and the colon and intestines… Needless to say I will be eating much more fiber from now on! And getting the book that Dr. Oz co-authored, You: The Owner’s Manual.

Oh yeah, and Oprah said the next big thing since low-carb diet will be a whole-grain diet… We’ll have to wait and see if she is right! But soon the above label will be on products that are made from whole grains!

Just interesting stuff…

One thought on “Finally!

  1. Well, you’ve almost convinced me to buy the book too! I checked it out on (from you’re link..thanks!) and there are already 2 reviews of the book (5 stars) from people who watched the Oprah show as well. Needless to say, I’m interested in taking a look at it.

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