Friday Night

Sadly, it’s Friday night, and I’m sitting here on my computer! But we haven’t had internet since yesterday morning (our modem fried). But I’m finally back on!

So the last week or so, so many people have commented on how they enjoy my blog, and I must say, I enjoy writing it, so I’m glad people enjoy reading it! Otherwise, it would kind of suck…

In other news, our house is on the MLS! (#3030807) Unfortunately (and i need to call our realtor) there are no pictures yet! I hate it when I go to look at houses online, and there are no pictures! In the days of digital cameras, there shouldALWAYS be pictures! So I will have to get on the phone first thing tomorrow morning!

I’m off to catch up on TiVo… First on my list is “What Not To Wear”

PS. I bought some new shoes tonight at DSW. A pair of cute black mary jane type mules. They had them in this really great shade of green too, but I had to be practical, since this was not at all what I intended coming home with! I LOVE them! The cut is just a little different, so it doesn’t make my feet look so wide!

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