The Answer is Yes

I just finished The Answer is Yes, by Sara Lewis. And let me start by saying that readers at and and, gave it ! That is why I decided to read it.

I don’t know if I could honestly give it one star! It dragged. The plot was super predictable. The characters super boring. For example: The main character Jenny gets fired from her boring desk job at a bank, and her husband is a scientist working at a university. They are both adopted. But she is not sure if her marriage is working out, and meanwhile stumbles on a community education type school and ends up directing a play. Half way through the book you find out the realize she is having problems with Todd, is because they can’t have children. Then at the end of the book (like the last 2 chapters), they finally talk about adoption, so they adopt AND she gets pregnant AND she gets hired on as theatre director at the school full time AND she finds her birth mother….

Not kidding, I was on page 200, and I thought about not finishing it!

I bought this book (used for like $2) but I’m not even going to offer it to any of you. It will just go straight to the book sale at the library!

I cannot wait for my next book!

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