just another day…

I wish I had more to keep you all updated on! Life is pretty much just waiting for the house to sell! Keeping it clean, which is a lot easier now that we have less stuff! I’ve been really good about doing the dishes as they get dirty and washing towels and doing laundry.

That’s really about it!

I watched American Idol last night, of course! I hope Anthony goes home, but Vonzell was not up to par last night at all. The judges blasted Carrie on her last song, even though I thought she did pretty good. But I voted for her, and only got through once! And couldn’t get through for Bo at all. I know I’m a geek!

Also got sucked into the season finale of the Amazing Race last night. It was pretty good. I only watched on other episode this whole season of it, but was rooting against Rob and Amber, just because Rob can be an ass, and they’ve already won their million. I don’t even know the name of the couple that won, but it was definitely a feel-good moment, because they were obviously really nice people.

That’s my life. Work is work. And tomorrow we should get our “offer” letters from Oracle. I’m not worried about not having a job, just interested in what my title and position will be and if they want to pay me more! I can always hope!

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