My Bad

I have been horrible about blogging lately!

Chad and I have been hitting the pavement, trying to find a house. Our search has ranged from Burnsville to Shakopee… and of course Savage in-between!

Tonight we are checking out St. Louis Park and Hopkins though… so we’ll see how that goes too.

Two offers out there, and 1 rejected, waiting on 1, but there is little hope of that. Sellers seem to be stalling to see if they can get more offers (they already have 3) so we have little hope in getting that house. Oh well… we’ll keep looking!

Plus we’re waiting to hear back on how our inspection went yesterday. Apparently they are concerned about some plumbing and electrical work… The only thing I would even fathom they might be concerned about are pretty minor, so we’ll give them some change back or fix it for them… hopefully it’s nothing deal breaking…

Sarah and Curt came over last night for AI. It was a good show. Everyone was pretty top notch. I like them all, although I think I like Carrie and Bo more than Vonzell. Next week is the season finale!

Then we’ll be done with our prime time TV until next season, or if they introduce a new show this summer… Oh and I guess baseball and basketball playoffs, but whatever, that’s Chad, not me.

Have a good one y’all.. I’ll keep you updated on the house situation as we know more!!

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