Super Size Me

Wow… Chad and I just watched Super Size Me. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a documentary on eating fast food, and the director of the film, actually eats ONLY McDonald’s for 30 days. And his doctors on day 21 were asking him to stop. His liver was being poisoned. Very scary! I’m kind of disappointed, since we are going to Madison tomorrow. McDonald’s goes so well with road trips! But not this weekend! Yuk!

I think we were more freaked out about what our kids would eat for school lunches after they showed that!

But I honestly understand what they say when they say fast food is addicting! Because I love it, but whenever I don’t have it for awhile, I don’t crave it at all!

Definitely a good movie to watch. There are so many facts! And good things to know about how food affects you!

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