Friday With No Plans!

Wow. 4 Day weeks can go by fast! And I have really no plans for this weekend! Crazy!

This week has been mostly about relaxing and catching up at work (but not working overtime) which has been very nice! Also our evenings are pretty wide open, without all the darn tv! I think it every May, but maybe I should just give it up next season! Last night we watched ‘Van Wilder’ and then I ran out to JoAnn fabrics for a butterfly cake pan for Drew’s birthday next weekend!

Van Wilder was not a great movie. It had funny parts, but Tara Reid is pretty annoying. It was basically an attempt at the American Pie type humor, but not so funny.

This weekend we are going to see our house as our realtor hasn’t seen it yet! And maybe negotiate with the owners on some furniture. We’ll see. Should probably look into getting some boxes and packing up the place too! Moving day (week) is coming up fast!

We’re planning on moving the big stuff out of our home on Saturday July 9th, but are going to try to get some stuff from my parents in Rochester and out of Chad’s parents basement before that, and move a lot of boxes over too, so it’s mainly just furniture when we have help. We’ll see it’ll be interesting! Last time I moved I was living with Sarah, so it was easy to pack up all my stuff, because I could still just use hers!

K. I’m off to jump in the shower! Later gators!

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