Day to ReCoup

I took today off to visit my grandma. She is back in the hospital for the 2nd time in two weeks and was doing pretty poorly yesterday morning. She is bouncing back though. I spent the afternoon with her and she was in good spirits, but will have to go to the nursing home tomorrow morning for a couple weeks to build her strength back up. Please pray for her. But it was just nice to get to visit with her. I have not spent much time with my grandma the last few years outside of holiday gatherings, so it was nice to get to talk with her, and I think she enjoyed it too!

It was a nice day for me to have off. The weather was great, and I needed some de-stressing from the traveling and meetings. I mowed the lawn this morning too, and as far as I’m concerned we could sell the house this weekend, so we don’t have to mow anymore!

Chad’s parents just got back from vacation tonight too, and they took me out to dinner. Poor Chad is bored in Toledo by himself! I am off to gather the recycling and then to bed. I need to get up and go for a walk or hit the gym as dinner was at Jake’s tonight!

Enjoy your Friday!

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