Exhausted in Orlando

I’ve been in Orlando the last couple days. And the hour delay tonight of my flight was a breeze compared to Monday night!

Our flight was initially delayed because of mechanical problems… so we (myself and 4 co-workers) were fine with that, because it meant we could sit in the bar and watch the MJ verdict come back. Also while this is going on, they are trying to bump people, because they’ve overbooked our flight (3:10) so were offering vouchers to people who would take the 7:30, and I considered it, but I didn’t want to just fly in to Orlando, work for two days and fly out… But, then they had to switch planes, which meant switching gates. And then the plane came in, but a kid had gotten sick and they actually had to switch out rows! Of course, once we got to the runway, storms roll in and we were stagnant on the ground! We landed in Orlando 5 hours behind schedule! The flight itself was very turbulent, and this is the kicker… 30 minutes into the flight, the lady across the aisle from me opened a can of… TUNA(!) and started making tuna salad! I am totally serious! It stunk! I love tuna, but not the smell of it, especially in a confined area!

Once we got to Orlando, we met up with a co-worker who flew in from Philadelphia, and his luggage was lost! We didn’t get to our hotel until after 1:30 am, and had meetings starting at 8:30 am. I was exhausted! I ended up in tears after our meeting, because I couldn’t fathom going to dinner with the Oracle team. I was just not able to function.

So last night while everyone was at dinner, I spent 15 minutes at the pool (it was hot) and then enjoyed room service and “Along Came Polly” on HBO.

In other news, I reached (and exceeded) my goal weight! Now I just have to maintain for 6 weeks and I will be a lifetime member, which basically means that I never have to pay for a meeting as long as I am 2 lbs within my goal weight. Pretty cool, huh! I lost a total of 16.4 lbs in 11 weeks, without totally giving up fries, pizza, and cheese!

I’m exhausted. I’m off to bed to sleep in the middle as Chad went to Toledo today. Sucks I don’t see him all week, but it made it easy to get home from the airport, as I only had to get my car from Short Term parking!

g’night y’all!

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