Recovered from the weekend

I had a very nice weekend. Went a wedding on Saturday, which was fun, but the dangers of too much champagne loomed on Sunday. I somehow managed to drink champagne for half the people at our table. Even Travis’ (the empty seat which we used to get extra food and cake, and obviously champagne)

It was fun getting to see all our friends, who we now realize we have not seen for weeks! And I have to give a “shout out” to Aaron who reads my blog (even though my husband does not!) just to keep up on a day in the life of the Myerseses. Aaron, I am still waiting for that recipe you promised!

I did eat and drink a little more than WW would recommend, but I only went up .8 lbs, and was still under my goal weight, so I have 5 more weeks to maintain before I get my lifetime membership. Not so bad… I found the key to going to weddings with Chad’s friends is to sit with Sac, because he does not eat vegetables, and he was happy to give them to me. And then I ate part of my cake and gave it to Fat Mike… We were one happy table. Travis shared with all of us, and we still shared with each other.

Moving day is looming quickly. Right now we are scheduled for July 9th, and looking for volunteers! Let us know if you are interested! 😉

I packed another box last night… only about 50 more to go. 🙂

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