30 Days

I’d like to thank Kyra for reminding me to tune in on Wednesday’s to FX! We just watched the first episode of 30 Days. (Yesterday was the 2nd show, but we haven’t watched it yet, and now there is basketball on) 30 Days is created by Morgan Spurlock who created the movie Super Size Me. And the whole premise of the show is that he tries something for 30 days and the cameras follow him around.

In episode 1, the show we just watched, Morgan and his girlfriend move to Columbus, Ohio, and both live off minimum wage jobs for 30 days! They give up their credit cards, health insurance, and eat a lot of beans and rice. They have no car so they ride the bus or walk. They actually had to pay a down payment on their electricity (they figure because of the neighborhood they rented in). Of course the whole show is studded with all kinds of facts and figures. It was just really sad, because they could have made it, except they each ended up in the ER at one point during the month, and they figured if they had kept going they would have had to pay it off maybe over 3 months. They celebrated his girlfriend’s 30th birthday with a $23 meal, and a $11 cab ride (because they found out the buses stopped running in the evening) and they felt bad about that!

He worked 2 jobs; was gone on average 18 hours a day from “home”. They had one guy who said he made $7.70 in 1979, but now was working a temp job for less than that! Just made me appreciate my job (that I know I complain about) and also the situations of all the people I ride the bus with! I ride the bus to save money, not really because I can’t “afford” it!

It was very sad, but a great show! Appreciate what you got! Wednesday evenings on FX. I think yesterday’s show was about some guy who takes an Anti-Aging serum for 30 days. I’m excited to watch. After tonight, NO more basketball!

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