Last Hurrah in Columbia Heights

Last night Chad and I probably had our last night of “entertainment” in Columbia Heights. We went down to the carnival set up for Columbia Heights Jamboree. It was pretty typical, small town carnival, unfortunately there were not even a lot of people out for the Saturday night. We each had a sandwich and chips from the C.H. Athletic Booster Stand, and a beer in the beer garden. We split some mini-donuts for the walk home. Interesting people watching and some nostalgia from our younger days. The “Starship 2000” ride, is now the “Sta Hip 2000” ride. There was no zipper, so we didn’t ride any rides.

When we got home, we built a fire in the fire pit out back. Burned a bunch of dead branches that fell in the last storm, and finished off the bottle of Captain Morgan (There was only enough for 1 drink each). It was such a nice night out, except for the mosquitos, we even got to see some of the Jamboree fireworks through the trees. It was a very nice night, especially since we realized it is probably our last night like that before moving, although we do have more branches, so you never know. 🙂

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