Yes! We are almost ready to move. We do need to get the garage cleaned out more. Drain the gas from the lawn mower and snowblower, and pack up a few more boxes. Plus I am trying like a bandit to get rugs and blankets and stuff like that clean, because our washer/dryer rock, and the our new ones in Burnsville, not so much. We haven’t even tried them yet, but they are not nearly as new (or nice) as our current ones, which we LOVE and will miss, but believe you me, that is all I will miss!

I will not miss:

  • that half of my kitchen is boxes in the basement
  • leaving my car to sit outside in cold and hail
  • getting out of the car to open the garage door
  • the LOUD air conditioner
  • B96 blaring from the cars in the apartment behind us
  • 8 old cars parked in the neighbors driveway
  • kids throwing litter in my yard when I’m standing right there
  • the garbage disposal that spits water back at you.
  • etc., etc., etc.

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