Lots Going On

Sorry I haven’t kept up. I have been crazily busy the last week. Something everyday and that something has not been much unpacking. Plus we were offline for about 3-4 days while Comcast got their act together.

Thursday I spent most of the day getting last minute things packed up. My brother helped us move the tv and other electronics. Friday the movers came. Less than 3 hours later they had left our new house. It was worth every penny to not have to move those hide-a-beds!

Saturday we spent a very warm but nice afternoon in St. Anthony at a wedding reception/barbecue. We left soon after Chad attempted a keg stand! 🙂

Sunday I went to Oronoco for my friend Kris’ baby shower. It was so nice to see her and our other friends from Stout. So many math majors in one room!

Yesterday and today, we are spending with my whole family, as my grandma passed away last week. She was 88 and had lived a long full life. She had been in and out of the hospital the last month with “cloudy lungs”. She had been ready to go long ago, and I’m sure is happy to be with my grandpa finally. It’s really sad, because we all have so many happy memories of her, but she had been ready for a very long time. In fact, before I got married she didn’t think she’d be around for that. I’m just so glad I got to spend the afternoon with her a few weeks ago when she was in the hospital. She was a great lady.

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