Movie Review

Chad and I went and saw Wedding Crashers on Saturday night. Very funny. Pretty predictable, could have been funnier, but still very funny! There is a small appearance by a very funny actor, shall not reveal who that is in case you have not heard.

Still the premise that these guys love movies and go out to wedding after wedding to have fun and hook up with women is pretty funny!

We went to the Lakeville Theatre which is 10 miles from us, but a straight shot down 35, so super easy to get to. And they had caffeine free Diet Coke, which is great, because I never get pop at the movies, because I don’t want to be up all night… 🙂

We also watched In Good Company on PPV on Friday night. It was good. Exactly what I thought it would be. Always a bit of a disappointment when you know the story based on the previews… It’s one thing when it’s laugh after laugh, but this was just a feel good story. Not a bust a gut comedy or anything like that…

We are getting NetFlix, since we now live in the Suburbs, so my movie watching should increase!

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