Awesome 80s Prom

Last night we went to the Awesome 80s Prom with the Fluegels and the Romes. Very Fun! I highly recommend it! Even getting ready was fun! I had to think… How did I do my hair in the 80s. Well… start with some hair spray. Spray your bangs and then take the curling iron to them… SPPPSSssss… nice! Now RAT your hair out… very fun. I just wish I had time to get a perm! And Chad wishes he had more time to grow a mullet! We also had jelly bracelets which Sarah forgot how to wear twisted together, but she figured it out fast enough!

I got to dance with Dickey. He was up for Prom Queen, and I told him I had to vote for the best dancer. But the girl with the head gear and the cabbage patch doll and huge glasses won the Queen title.

We even came up with a story. Since you see Chad’s shirt was more 1982 than it was 1989, we told everyone that he graduated in 1982, and he worked for the city. He drives the snow plow and made $8 an hour, so he had bought me a cubic zirconia necklace… good times, good times! If only he had bought me some nicer shoes. My $10 ballet flats from Payless gave me some nasty blisters 🙂

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