Movin' Out

Last Night Chad and I went to Movin’ Out. It was playing at the Orpheum in Minneapolis. (Yes it was Theatre weekend for us)

We had great seats last night 4th row. We were so close, we could see the sweat flying off some when they were dancing. The whole show was very impressive. If you are a Billy Joel fan, you must see. The way they were able to use all his songs in this story was fantastic. All the songs were sang by one man. Of course he also played the piano. The band and he played above the stage, so you could see them the whole time and the other actors, basically just acted it out below in dance. The dancing was amazing. In other shows I’ve seen (Rent and Miss Saigon) the actors sing and dance, but in Movin’ Out, they just danced, so it was amazing. I highly recommend if you can get out to see it!

3 thoughts on “Movin' Out

  1. Sounds like you enjoyed the Billy Joel thing – London has a great musical based around the songs of the group QUEEN – it’s called “We will Rock You”
    so, if you ever visit London – go see it!!!

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