Our Seattle Trip

Last Wednesday, both Chad and I left work early and caught a flight to Seattle. Our flight went well and we arrived on time. Checked into our hotel and went out to scour up some dinner… after waiting and waiting at the restaurant we chose, the manager told us there was a glitch in their system, and we ended up with a free dinner. Not so bad, since we weren’t in a hurry!

Thursday morning we didn’t get up in time for the complimentary breakfast (the last time we made that mistake) so we walked a few blocks to a coffee shop, and got a muffin and read the paper. Came back to the hotel, and a little bit later, Dan and Heather arrived from Eugene. We caught up a little, before heading out to the Mariner – Yankee game at Safeco Field. The Mariner’s won big, and it was a lot of fun seeing all the Ichiro fans and the stadium.

Thursday night we stayed in. We stayed in a Residence Inn, so we had a kitchen and Heather had brought some great braised beef. We got to bed early, as we had to be up before 9 for breakfast!

Friday we walked down and caught the monorail downtown. We went down to check out the Public Market and the Pike Place Fish Company. We only saw one flying fish, but it was still pretty fun seeing all the big fish and crawling crabs and such. We followed that up with a bite to eat at Ivar’s where even I ate some fried fish!

Friday evening we headed down to Qwest Field to see the Seahawks play the Vikings. Unfortunately the Vikings won, but the field was awesome. By far the best stadium I’ve ever been to… yes I think it is better than Lambeau and Browns stadium. Doesn’t have the history those teams have, but we could see the water from our seats and the whole place was just so nice!

Saturday Dan and Chad got up early for golf. Heather and I slept in, took in some coverage of Katrina, and then headed out for some shopping. We walked back down towards the market. Stopped at Nordstrom Rack, and several other shops. The boys ran into some car trouble, but luck was with them and it was only a $10 fuse that needed to be replaced! Saturday night we went out to a nice dinner at Wild Ginger. It was very yummy. And the drinks were great too. I recommend the Mango Mojito and the Seven Flavored Beef. They didn’t have much of a dessert menu, so we headed downstairs to the Triple Door and enjoyed some great vanilla creme brulee at the restaurant/bar downstairs and then we made it a pretty early night and went back to the room to play some Farkel. Pretty tame night, especially since Trey Anastacio was playing about a mile from where we were staying! I’m still kind of surprised Chad didn’t act like he wanted to go!

Sunday, we got up early and headed up to Anacortis where we caught a ferry to Orcas Island part of the San Juan islands. It was a beautiful day, but not real clear. When we got to Orcas Island we drove up to the top of Mount Constitution, where we couldn’t see anything. We drove back down a ways and took in an amazing view though including a few deer. So beautiful. Other than the horrible service and food at what appeared to be the only restaurant open the day was great! When we got back, we ordered food in and played some more Farkel.

Monday we got up early. We wanted to see the Space Needle and I was determined not to leave Seattle without having a Starbucks Coffee! The space needle was amazing! We weren’t able to see Mount Rainier, but didn’t feel so bad when we found out it can only be seen from the Space Needle about 100 days a year. We were however able to see Pier 70, site of “The Real World-Seattle”. After the Space Needle, we headed off to find a Starbucks. I wasn’t going to make everyone go downtown to the original one, we had already walked by several times, but amazingly we walked a long ways without finding one before we finally decided we were close enough to just head over to the original where we saw this band and this girl dancing. It was a ton of fun to watch and a great way to end our trip before heading back to the hotel to collect our things for the airport.

Seattle was a great time. I highly recommend visiting if you haven’t had the chance, and going back if you have been there!

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