Blog Readers Beware!!

So spyware has reached blogger… Dagnabit.

I just did a little googling as yesterday, immediately after I posted, I had a “comment” added to my message about how to download spyware… well that’s weird I thought…

Not that what I found was anything about that, but what I did find is that you can end up with adware and tracking, by pushing that button you see in the upper right hand corner, that says “next blog”… So don’t push that button!!! Just come here, read my post. I am not going to intentially provide you with any software that you do not want through my links… but I’m warning you now, to watch out for that “next blog” button.. That is out of my control, as I don’t host this blog.

May spyware be loaded on your computer and I’m working hard so you don’t contract any viruses from me!

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