Wet Carpet

Well last night we decided that since Burnsville was one of the hardest hit metro cities in the Tuesday night downpour, that we better investigate all the corners of the basement… and yep.. we had water in our downstairs spare bedroom. My guess is the downspout couldn’t handle 6″ of rain in one evening.

So last night, we pulled back the carpet, cut out the wet pad, and then used the carpet shampooer to suck the water out of the wet carpet. We then laid the carpet back over the top of our croquet sticks and dumbells (to get it off the cement) and put our borrowed fans on high.(Home Depot and Menards sold out yesterday, and borrowing is cheaper)

Good times!

Plus we also bought new LG washer/dryers last night, as we didn’t think it’s a good idea to run a 35 year old dryer that came with cardboard inside the door as insulation… some might say that’s a fire hazard!

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