The Week got away on Sunday

We had a very nice weekend. We had Jane and Carl’s wedding on Saturday which of course was great. I reveled in being the matchmaker, and they were even so thoughtful as to get me my own bouquet of flowers. It was a great day, and the reception was on the Harriet Bishop paddle boat. After the boat ride, we went to the Local where we had the upstairs reserved. It was very nice.

Sunday, I got up early and planned “food” for the week. And went to the grocery store. Got dinner in the crock pot before watching the Packers kick some New Orleans tail. Great game, even if I did snooze a little, and we lost another good player for the season (Davenport). Packers have a bye this week, and next week they head up here to MN. Hopefully for a repeat of the game we saw last Christmas Eve at the Dome! I will be in the DC area with Karin watching from a far, but with no less interest!

I should have done more on Sunday, but didn’t really think about it until the evening. Busy week, bowling last night. Plus we also have book club on Friday and I have about 150 pages left, and I have an assignment due on Friday, Oh and book club is at my house, so we have to clean. Don’t worry. I work great under pressure. I just know I will be tired on Saturday and Sunday. At least the Packers have a bye, so I can just nap in front of the games on Sunday 🙂

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