A Week and A Half In Review

I guess I have been MIA… I just felt like I had so much to write last week when I returned from Maryland and I was busy/overwhelmed that I didn’t know where to start, so now you will get an overview of what I’ve been up to…

October 22nd – I flew out to Washington DC/Maryland to visit Karin for her birthday weekend. Our friend Shawn was out there Wed-Sun, and I went Sat-Tues. Saturday night her friends threw her a birthday party, so we ate dinner with them (yummmm!!) and had some drinks and got to know her friends, it was a great time. I lost 2-1 in Rock Paper Scissors to Shawn, so I drove them home. It was a good loss, as I had a great time at the party and no hangover on Sunday 🙂

The 23rd – Sunday, Karin got up early to drive Shawn to the airport. I slept in a little and then we sat around and talked, watched an episode of Friends – The One Where They All Turn Thirty. Can’t say that I’ve seen it in reruns so it was fun 🙂 Then we figured out where we were going to watch the Packer/Viking game and headed out. We went to a bar/restaurant not too far from her house and watched the game amid a lot of TVs and fans for many teams. Thankfully either MN fans don’t exist in Germantown, or their hopes for the season were already dashed and didn’t show up. Sunday night, Karin introduced me to Desparate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. Both were good shows.. Not that I need more tv to watch. Actually I think I will try to get Season 1 of Desparate Housewives and watch them in order.

Monday, Oct 24th – Karin turned 30! We woke up, not too early. We ate some breakfast and sat around for a while figuring out what Karin wanted to do for her birthday! We went to Best Buy, so she could get a new router and then Barnes and Noble for some good browsing! I picked up A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey, as I got hooked on the first 5 pages in the store. (I am nearly done and it is great!! I think Chad and Karin are both in line to read it when I’m done) We then ate lunch, did some browsing at Target and Ann Taylor Loft and then headed to an afternoon matinee where we saw “Just Like Heaven” Cute movie. Somewhat predictable, but we both enjoyed. We stopped for coffee to warm ourselves up on the way home. Monday night, we watched TV and played SuDoku.

Tuesday, Oct 25th – Still did not wake up very early. It was raining pretty steady. Ate some breakfast, watched an episode of Oprah that Karin had recorded, I read, and we both played SuDoku some more… Then we braved the rain for some soup at Panera. When we got back, I packed up and we sat around some more, before Karin and Jackson drove me to the airport. It was a great trip. So relaxing. I can’t remember the last time I sat around reading and watching TV!

Wednesday, Oct 26th – Back to work! Checked my online course and found out I have homework (that I should be doing right now, yuk) Before my trip, I thought I planned it right by coming back to a 3 day trip… but my job is one where if you’re not there, things don’t necessarily get done while you’re gone, so by the end of the week, I was wishing that I had come back to a 5 day work week, just so catching up wasn’t so overwhelming.

Thurs, Oct 27th – Another day at work… I found out that I had to sign up to continue with the bus program by Monday and this year I had to commit for the whole year… but at a savings of $400/year. It’s worth considering… The commitment to working downtown is the hardest right now… That night, Chad and I headed to the MOA to find a rock band tshirt for his Halloween costume. I also picked up some acid washed jeans at Marshall’s…

Friday the 28th – Another day at work… My manager was out all week with a very sick daughter. I talked to another manager in our group about some of my frustrations. It helped to know she understood. I think the bus pass situation is just really making me think about what I want to do… Friday night, Sarah and Curt came over. It was great to see them. Curt hadn’t been to our house yet and Sarah hadn’t since the weekend we moved, so it was fun. We went out to dinner and just hung out.

Saturday (yesterday) – I got up early to make a birthday cake for Katelyn. I had been in DC for her birthday so the party was yesterday. She wanted a Cookie Monster cake, and it’s one of the cutest cakes I’ve made. The hair was all done with a new tip and not just “stars”…

The cake was a hit, and all the kids had very blue mouths! I think Katelyn had a good time even without a nap!

After Katelyn’s party, we came home and got dressed up for a Halloween party at my friend Travis’ house. We went to high school together and he lives about 5 minutes away. I hadn’t seen several of his friends for quite a while, so it was fun. It was an 80’s theme party, so we went with big hair, black rock t-shirts (Poison and Van Halen) and rolled up jeans.

Today, Sunday Oct 30th – Even with the extra hour it was tough to get up… My brother and Drew came over to watch the Packers along with some friends from Stout. I made some apple crisps and we had sandwiches on homemade buns (new recipe to be posted later) It was a tough loss. And it really sucks that the Vikings are one game up, as they really suck! At least in many of the Packers losses they’ve had a chance! Oh well.

That’s about it. I have homework to do.. and I have to get ready for a full week of work—

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