Note To Self – Re: Vikings

Remind me NOT to watch the Vikings, because they only manage to play well when I watch them. Grrr.. I believe that is 4 out of 5 wins that they have won in last minute field goals?

Packers are 2-8, but have still outscored their opponents… Poor Brett… They should’ve just let the Vikings score a touchdown with 42 seconds left instead of tackling them on the 10 yard line… Would have given the Packers a chance to try and get down the field to tie it up.

I’m all for going 2-14 now… let’s compete with the Cardinals and Texans for that first round draft pick and a breeze of a schedule next year. The Packers can get healthy in the off-season, and play with a well-rounded experienced team (since all their back-ups are getting experience this year!)

I’m going to be tired tomorrow… Dang It… should have gone to bed.. probably would have woken up with a win!

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