Handy Woman

Last night I did some handy woman work…

First I finished hanging a closet pole. I had hung the brackets the night before, but even though I measured twice, I cut the pole too short! So I headed to Home Depot to get another pole. This time I used the first shorter pole and measured then added another 1/4 of an inch, and that worked great!

Since I was heading to Home Depot, I decided to do something about the drippy bathroom sink faucet. So I got out my Black and Decker Home Repair book. (Mine is an older version, but great, so I’m sure the newer version is just as good!) I read through how to fix drippy compression faucets and studied the pictures.

So I headed upstairs to the bathroom. Turned off the water under the sink. And started taking the faucet apart. Well it didn’t look anything like the pictures in the book! But I was able to figure out which piece was worn and needed to be replaced. And headed off to Home Depot with the pieces in a baggy.

At Home Depot, once I found the faucet repair stuff, I realized I didn’t know what brand of faucet I was dealing with, so I ended up, just looking at all the little pieces until I found what I needed. It really wasn’t that long.. just maybe would have been easier!

At home, I slipped in the new pieces and re-assembled the sink! And it worked! I was very impressed with myself. I have replaced several faucets (3 in my old house), but never repaired one, I always just had crappy faucets that didn’t have standard parts… well and the one faucet had the handle broken off mysteriously the night of our 4th of July party one night…

After this whole episode, I wished I would have taken pictures and documented this or something… makes me think I need to investigate flickr which I’ve seen used for photos on many blogs…

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