Bathroom: Before and After

Here are the before and after pictures of our bathroom. It’s an amazing difference. I didn’t realize how much the wallpaper “overtook” the beautiful tile.

Plus we definitely notice the lack of anything on the walls! (That and the fact I cleaned up the “clutter”!)

The color is “Celery Sprig” by Behr. Great color, I knew it was perfect when I saw the sample at Home Depot.

The wallpaper came off pretty easily, but the walls weren’t super smooth underneath, and I am not patient enough to work out every little thing, so I just painted. Another reason why we would like to hire professionals for the kitchen and living room/entryway.

I think all things considered though it is at least a 100% improvement.

You may have seen the pictures posted earlier. I was experimenting with flickr… but couldn’t get the pictures posted in order… hmmm.. will have to work that out.

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