Hair Guilt

I have been getting my haircut by the same stylist since shortly after my friend Sarah got married. So 4 years now. Chad had been going to her until we moved to. She is great. Rents a chair in a salon in Blaine. She knows us, and I have friends that go to her too.

My dilemma is that she works in Blaine. And she doesn’t work on weekends, which means I have to drive to work in the morning (pay to park my car) then to Blaine, and then back to Burnsville. A total trip roughly of 65 miles! At .40/mile, that’s $26 + $9 to park. That’s an expensive haircut. Plus a LOT of time.

So this week I went to my friend Jill’s stylist right here on the south side at the Cole’s Salon in Savage. The stylist was awesome. She was so fast, but gave me so much good advice, including on what she thought we should do, and how to actually style my hair. So normally it takes me a few days to feel good about a haircut, once I start to style it on my own, but not with this haircut. Love it! And she charges $1 more than my old stylist, but there’s not the investment in time and gasoline… So I will go back, and not make the trip to Blaine. I will have to email my old stylist and let her know that we didn’t disappear, we just enjoy the convenience of Savage!

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