I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas.

We had a very nice weekend. Friday night Chad and I watched Finding Neverland, one of our first NetFlix movies 🙂

Very good. I really enjoyed it a lot. Johnny Depp is awesome. Have loved him since 21 Jump Street and since I sat a table away from him at the Hard Rock Cafe in 1988! Although he has come a long ways since those days!

Saturday, I was up early and sitting over the stove. I made my Christmas Trifle, which was my best one yet! And then I melted a bunch of chocolate and almond bark and dipped pretzels and graham crackers. Yummm!!! We also got a bunch of cleaning done and finished wrapping a couple presents!

We spent the evening at Chad’s parents. Dinner and presents. Our 2 year old niece Jana was very entertaining. She was so full of energy, but so well behaved. She has a huge imagination and was very animated the whole night.

Sunday we headed to Rochester for Christmas with my family. We had a noon dinner and presents again. Drew and Katelyn were much of our entertainment. They love to dig out our old toys and play with them. My mom still has many of my dolls and Katelyn loves those. Drew found train tracks and the Fisher Price Tumble Tower (one of my brother’s favorites). They were also fun to watch open presents. Drew has a much bigger attention span, so he was good at waiting and watching everyone open their presents. I got both Drew and Katelyn (and my brother) Packer outfits. Unfortunately it didn’t help them win. Katelyn’s was pink and white, but she figured it out right away that it was Packers. Only slightly brainwashed!

Sunday evening, Chad’s parents came over for a little while to see our decorated house and watch a little football. Yesterday, Chad and I headed out to look for end tables and a rug for the living room. Last night we went to see Fun With Dick and Jane. Cute movie, not much plot, but Jim Carey is always entertaining.

Good times… and now I’m back at work… Chad is home all week.. what a brat! 🙂

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