Happy New Year!

We have had a very nice start to the new year!

Last night we had dinner (and major appetizers) with the Rome’s and the Peterson’s. Then went to a party at another friend’s house. Parties in someone’s basement is still fun. We didn’t make it in time for the minnow races, but they sounded fun!

Today we went over to the Peterson’s. It has become a tradition. Mrs. Peterson (Dan’s mom,Karen, not Heather) makes some fabulous broccoli cheese soup and always puts on a great spread. Plus it is fun to see Dan’s whole family and spend time with them!

We stopped by Chad’s parents on the way home since we were in the neighborhood. It was a very nice day. Unfortunately we missed my parent’s coming home from my aunt and uncle’s. It’s nice that my parents almost come directly right by us when they head to Hutchinson.

Tomorrow is my sister-in-law Melanie’s birthday and they are coming over after a stop to the zoo. And I think Dan and Heather are coming over to see the house too. Plus there are bowl games on.

Chad was a little disheartened today without bowl games. The Packers and Vikings games were a bit anti-climatic. Although I love to see the Packers win, even if it is against some team’s 2nd or 3rd string… And Sherman still has his job tonight, unlike Tice… we’ll see though… The next few weeks should be interesting…

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