Today I Graduated

I went to see the doctor today regarding my allergy shots. When I last saw the allergist, he told me that I could decide to quit taking the shots at the end of my current batch of serum, which was scheduled to expire the end of January. I started my shots 4 years ago, and the average time is 3-5 years for the shots to be effective.

So today, I went in to discuss it, as I will no longer be working downtown, coming downtown every 2-3 weeks for shots is a little much. Plus being out of town as much as I will be, it would be hard to coordinate even if I got the shots in Burnsville.

Since I have not needed allergy medicine for at least a year, the shots are working. Today the doctor told me that 1 in 5 will have their symptoms return within a year after ceasing the shots, but I am going to be optimistic, as they have really helped me so far. Plus I think with living in a newer house I am exposed to much less mold and dust, as I first really noticed bad allergies the first year I lived in our last house… so maybe that was a contributing factors. We’ll see.

But as of today I have graduated from my allergy shots! Wish me luck!

One thought on “Today I Graduated

  1. wow, I am really impressed. I had allergy shots recommended to me a few months ago, but I couldn’t stand the idea of going in every week for a year or more. So, I continue suffering. I wish I could be where you are now!

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