I was a true Socialite

I will be tired later today/tomorrow because I was a good socialite this weekend.

Friday night we had book club which is not a regular occurrance any more. We used to be good at meeting once a month, and then it switched to every 2 months and now seems to be about every 3 or 4 months. But it’s a smaller group than when we started and it’s more about dinner and catching up definitely talking more about other things than just the book. A very fun group that my friend Anne started. I went to high school with Anne. Several of her college friends come, a couple of my college friends and work friends and others who have joined through someone else… I can trace everybody back, but it’s not that exciting to type it all out and expect you to want to read it 🙂

But it was a good night, and not only did we talk about doing book club more often, but also a game night, because I think Kathleen could beat me at TV Scene It!

Last night Chad and I went to a couple parties. We went to Heather and Travis’ first. It was fun, Nicole, Noah, Carrie, Steve, and Frenchy were there. Plus I got to meet a couple of Heather’s friends that I’ve heard a lot about. Chad met a great golfer (winner of the Wisconsin Open) and another gopher hockey fan. I love that he enjoys meeting new people in situations like that.

We then headed over to The Bird and Amy’s for The Bird’s 30th birthday and their housewarming party. They have a great house in Circle Pines. Huge and on a great lot. They definitely beat us on wallpaper! Plus they have some nice “roller rink” carpet in their game room. But really a nice place!

Today we are going to brunch for Chad’s mom’s birthday with the family. I know I will probably come home and nap during football this afternoon.. I was hoping that I could get the house cleaned up too… We’ll see.

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