Wearing Blinders

My house is a mess… but yet I’m still able to just sit on my couch and ignore it…

At least I ignored it yesterday. I like to come home on Monday’s and watch Grey’s Anatomy from the night before… so that’s what I did yesterday. Then I watched an episode of VH-1’s Celebrity Fit Club 3, because Gunnar Nelson joined the show… I did not know that Mark Harmon was his uncle… and he’s also related to Pam Dawber some way too…. Plus his dad was Ricky Nelson, and grandparents were Ozzie and Harriet… he talked about the pressure of being successful… poor Gunnar… This picture is one Chad took when we saw Nelson at the Star Bar… good times…

Anyways, then Chad and I headed to the Y and came home and made Beef Fajitas (recipe to be posted later, but yummm!!) And then we did a marathon dish washing session and vegged some more… me in front of the small tv where I watched How I Met Your Mother and Chad in front of the other watching 24.

I realized last night that How I Met Your Mother is similar to Friends, except that now I am older than the characters! The humor is different too, but same type of scenarios…

So all that, and my house is still dirty…

Did I mention tomorrow is my last day at this job??!

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