Wednesday was my last day at Oracle (Retek). So I headed over to the Local for Happy Hour after I finished up. It was weird to just walk away, but it felt good too. Happy Hour was fun. Of all the people that worked at Retek that came, only one was a co-worker from my current position. Everyone else there were people that I had worked with the first time. And I know there were people that couldn’t come, that I talked to, but that was only a few.

Yesterday, I went to the Y bright and early. It was awesome going at 8 in the morning! I was the youngest one there! After the Y, Sarah and I met up at the Mall of America for some shopping and lunch. We then drove to Rochester to see our friend Kris, and her baby CJ, and also our friend Melissa. And of course we all stopped in to see my Mom and Dad. My mom got to hold the baby and be a Grandma for a little bit with CJ.

Sarah and I stopped for dinner on our way and headed back. It was a long day, but a lot of fun to spend time with friends and my parents too!

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