More Time with Friends

Yesterday, Nicole, Nicki, Heather, and Carrie came over for some freezer cooking. We made a ton of muffins, Chicken and Cheese Shells, Greek Marinated Chicken, Stir Fry, Chocolate Chip Cake, and Chicken Noodle Bake. Plus Carrie made and froze Shredded Pork and Twice Baked Potatoes prior that she brought and shared.

It was a lot of fun. I was so exhausted. I can not sleep in in the mornings, and I’m usually good to go back to bed when I’m tired, I just didn’t have time yesterday.

It’s like when you have to get up early for work, but can’t fall asleep until 2. I almost never have a problem falling asleep, it’s staying asleep after 7 or 8 in the morning (Yesterday it was 6:45 am) So I was very tired, but I rallied and made it out to Eric and Yola’s for their party.

Chad made a bet on an air hockey game with Amber, and she won the rights to the big screen TV on Sunday’s next year when she comes over to watch the Packers! I, of course, rooted for Amber!

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