The Autobiography of Malcolm X

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t really know anything about Malcolm X before I read this book. So I did learn a little about him. I had never seen the movie, which I don’t know if that accurately portrays him or not either, but I didn’t really enjoy this book all that much (Sorry Anne) First I got bogged down when he kept going on about how the “white man is the devil” and then after he got past that, I got bogged down in the details of every person that he visited with and talked to.

It was strange. He has this passion for wanting equal rights and not for the “white man” to be bringing down the “black man” anymore, but his whole autobiography probably contained maybe 3 pages about his family. It was just weird. I guess family is just such a core part of who I am and important, that I relate well to people who hold that too… Anyway, it wasn’t a complete loss, because I didn’t know anything before. All I knew was that he was kind of stereotyped as promoting violence and that he was murdered… Now I am a little less ignorant… which is a good thing.

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