Short Weekend

The weekend is almost half over. I’m a bit nervous for traveling with my job.. but we’ll see. I’m heading to Chantilly, VA this next week. Washington D.C. to be exact. I found myself really crabby this morning, and I finally decided that I’m probably just a little anxious about traveling. As I don’t know the people that I’m traveling with real well, and not sure about what we’ll even be doing when we’re out there. Then there is just being away from Chad and home. And knowing that I go back the following week.

Yesterday, I actually felt like I had a somewhat productive (read: “busy”) day, although nothing super challenging, it was better than reading training documents. Last night, Chad went to a work sponsored Happy Hour, and everytime they have one, I always think he’ll be home around 7 and we can spend the evening together, but I’m always wrong and then I get mad, because I just sit around. He made up for it today though. He went shopping with me, and I dragged him through the Mall of America and Southdale. He was a good sport. It helped that I bought him things I’m sure!

Tonight we’re heading to Hangge’s for a party. Should be fun. I’m guessing we’ll see how many people his loft can hold…

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