Superbowl Sunday

I know I am going to be tired tomorrow. I was up late last night, and although I wasn’t up super early, I didn’t have much down time either.

We got up and headed to church, as Chad had told the Pastor’s wife that we would be there today, so there were no excuses! 🙂 Then home quick to get some laundry sorted and the first load in, before I headed to meet Nicki to try on some wedding dresses. That was very fun. Of course she thinks she liked the first one she found in WI, but you have to look! 🙂

Then home again to get the house cleaned up and continue on laundry. I didn’t watch much of the football game tonight. I got packed and laundry put away. And the house cleaned up, so I wouldn’t come home to stuff hanging over my head. I can kind of see how traveling week after week will get easier.

And I updated the music on my MP3 player and I have a book packed, a Pilates DVD (that I can play on my laptop), workout clothes, and my Soduku book, so I am in travel mode! 🙂

And now I’m just waiting for the game to be over, so I can watch Grey’s Anatomy before I go to sleep!

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