Week #1, Day #2

Last night I went to bed and realized I’m allergic to something in my room. I notice it when I’m mostly on the bed… Today I bought an allergy cover for the pillow, but I’m noticing now that I’m getting stuffed up already.

I also booked weeks 3 and 4 for my work out here. Unfortunately when I booked Week 3, I had to start over as my hotel wasn’t available, and then when I rebooked it, I forgot that Monday was a holiday! Luckily the service we use for booking was able to change it for me!

What really sucks about being on the East coast is that the news doesn’t start until 11 pm. I wanted to watch the local news too, because Bo Bice was going to be on tonight… oh well… I should be on Eastern time soon for the next few weeks!

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