Day #3 — A Long One

I just got back to my hotel room about 1/2 hour ago. We went out to a nice dinner a ways (maybe 20 miles) away… Only 3 on my team (the 3 of us here this week) are stationed out of Lakeville. We met up with another team member who works out of Annapolis Junction. It was nice to meet another “face”. But it made for a long night. Sitting at dinner was ok, but they talked a lot about work and people I don’t know (and may never meet)… so it was a little long for me. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t so new. (But now I know how Sarah would feel when her, Steph, Jodi, Lisa, Rebecca, and I would get together and talk about Retek!!!)

It just kind of makes me nervous for more traveling. Plus we only have 1 car, which is hard as it makes me feel like I’m stuck to a schedule… I either have to eat with everyone, or wait until they are back… Maybe when there are more people here in the next few weeks it’ll be different.

I’m super tired, and only griping, so I am going to log out and go to sleep.
(Allergy covers seemed to help, but I still asked at the front desk to have everything changed. I can’t tell if they did. They did tell me it may be the detergent, so we’ll see.

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