Back in Virginia

I’m back in Chantilly. but staying at the Marriott Residence Inn. It is much nicer. I am sharing a 2-bedroom suite with another team member, Leah. We just met yesterday, but seem to get a long fine so far (at least I think so).

It is so much nicer, and the sheets don’t make me sneeze. Plus the breakfast is sooo much better. Unfortunately our internet isn’t working in our room, so I am in the lobby using the wireless right now… Although I did think I found a way to work around the gmail problem on the work internet, because my email works so I can forward my gmail to that and check it… super sneaky… but it’s easier to check email at work at the end of the day then come to the lobby… anyways, I’m going to go see if I can get some Pilates in before American Idol!!!!

Sarah- You are still allowed to watch. I was just kidding. I think it’s established enough that they won’t cancel it this season! 🙂

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