Home Again

I got back yesterday morning from Virginia, so I headed into the office for a few hours. Mainly to get my expense report turned in…

Got home, watched a couple episodes of Oprah that had Tivo’d during the week. Yesterday’s was very interesting. It was about her push for the “Great Debt Diet”. I learned yesterday that according to the expert’s on the show that 70% of all American’s live paycheck to paycheck which means they generally have enough money to last them for 2 weeks. Pretty crazy. And I know that I have friends who are somewhat in that situation, but it’s not like some of the people they had on the show who had 5 cars or who ate out 3 times a day and always used disposable dishes because they didn’t like to cook, or had outrageous cell phone bills because they were on their phone 1 of every 4 minutes! It was crazy. It was the first of a series, I believe it will be every Friday that they are going to follow these families and their new “coaches”.

Last night I spent switching my phone to Verizon… then realizing I got really poor service in my house, so switched it back to Cingular. So I will have to pay 25% of my bill, but I’d rather do that and be able to use my phone in my house!

Not much else. I’m just looking forward to the 3 days I have off now! Yea, for President’s Day!

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