Home Today, Gone Tomorrow

I got in late last night. Our flight was over 2 hours late getting in. It was not fun. Traveling is not fun when the flight is boarded 1+ hours late, and then after the doors are shut, they ask people to get off the full flight, because the plane is too heavy. We then flew into a head wind which made us even later, and then landed at the furthest gate from the terminal. FUn fun… the good news was that no one opened a can of tuna.

Of course I am on Eastern Time, so I have already been to a WeightWatchers meetings (with not so good results), spent 30+ minutes on the Elliptical Machine at the Y, and cleaned my bathroom, and started laundry!

Today Karin is coming, and I need to get laundry finished as I fly out again tomorrow. The site I am at is going live on Monday on the new system that we have been training them on, so we want to be out there right away Monday morning. Short weekend. But I am working hard to make it enjoyable still!

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