Pilates BodyCircles

Today I bought a set of Pilates BodyCirclesâ„¢. I was out looking around on Gaiam’s website, because I have been doing a couple of new pilates DVD’s that they sell. Both that I have feature Ana Caban and I’ve really enjoyed them. Well while I was looking I found the BodyCircles, and when I read the following review, I thought they might help with a lot of my shoulder stiffness that I develop when I’m stressed:

“I purchased the Pilates BodyCircles hoping to relieve shoulder pain from repetitive stress syndrome and build up my shoulder muscles. When I do the exercises regularly, I find that I experience less neck, shoulder and back pain during the work day.” – Terri Lesser, Islip Terrace, New York

So I found them at Target, but they only came with VHS, so I headed to SportsAuthority, where they told me they don’t carry the stuff on their website in their stores and they are separate but just share a name!?!!?!?? seemed weird, but whatever… So then I headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Unfortunately the one in Burnsville isn’t open yet, so I headed to Richfield, and once I figured out how to get around Best Buy’s corporate campus, I was able to buy the last set (with DVD) when I got home I did the 14 minute DVD. And I need a lot of practice! 🙂

But it’s something new, and I’m excited!

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