All Is Not Lost

Today I attempted to make a skirt with the fabric and pattern in the picture. I was inspired by a catalog where I saw a SUPER cute cotton skirt, but it was $88! And I thought I could do that… So I tried… Unfortunately with my weird measurements, I am different sizes through the waist and hips, so I tried to make the right adjustments, but I misunderstood my hips, and it was too tight even after I let out the seams as far as I could… at least I got some fabric on sale, and I think I can try again with the same pattern (which was super easy), just need to make the hips the next size up, which actually makes me feel more normal as my hips are only 1 size smaller than my waist… (yes I’m a bit deformed, unfortunately I don’t carry weight in my hips, so there is not much chance of it getting bigger there.. only in my waist which is not where the skirt needs it.)

But it was still a good day. It gave me some good quality time to listen to my new CDs. Liz Phair’s Somebody’s Miracle and the Soundtrack from Grey’s Anatomy.. (which is on tonight!!) I really enjoyed both CDs, so I’m excited to get some new music on my MP3 player, which has been getting a lot of use since I’m back in the office and spending some quality time on the treadmill lately!

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